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 Posted: Apr 16 2017, 09:25 PM
22 years old
played by tei
63 posts 310 ryo

the rules


Please register your character's name in the order appropriate for their heritage. Seeing that Kowairo heavily draws inspiration from Japan, the majority of our characters should follow this order: Family Name Given Name, using proper capitalisation (e.g.: Tenoh Haruka or Oda Ryuusei). If your character has a middle name, please write it in the application and not the username. Do not write their middle name's initial when registering. All members wishing to register must be 18 years of age or more.
If you have not been accepted yet, please do not post anywhere else but in the reserves topic, the application forum and the wanted ads forum if necessary. Once you've completed your application, please link your app in the tagbox. The admins will then either accept, pend (and send you a PM with what should be changed/improved) or reject your application (+ PM with reasons why) within max 48h. After you've been accepted, your first stop should be the claims threads (you can find the majority of claims here, but you will have to stop by the member directory too). You can only work on one application at a time.

characters & graphics

Avatar sizes are 250x400. We are aware that face claims in Japanese period clothes are hard to come by, which is why we will allow use of other East Asian face claims (that can be justified as second/third, etc. - generation immigrants). Non-East Asian faces are also welcome as travellers, merchants and what not. If your desired fc only has modern images, try to crop their pics in such a way that none of that can be seen. The first three(3) characters are free. After that, you will need to purchase a new character slot from the site's shop. Please understand that this is not to inhibit your creativity, but to stop potential face claim-hoggers.


Since we have no word count, it's up to you to decide how long your want your posts to be. However, please try to match or come close to your partner's replies, unless you've reached an agreement in regards to your wordcounts. While we understand that real life can get in the way of posting, we expect our members to be as active as they can afford to be. Therefore, if two weeks have passed without a single IC post (excluding correspondences) from one member, we will move their characters in the inactive group. If they wish to revive their characters and start posting again, they only need to post in the moderation thread and complete the "re-activation" form. However, if you put up an absence thread you will be exempt from this and activity checks (but please mention how long you will be gone). In the case of regular posters that cannot make it on time for an activity check but would like to keep their characters, simply announce an admin when you think you'll be able to resume normal activity and we'll save your characters. Mark your mature threads with a content warning in their titles. [M] and (18+) will do. Same goes for other potentially triggering content such as: substance abuse, death, suicide, rape, violence, etc. (use [tw]) When posting, please use the template provided. The only templates from another source that we'll accept are for development forums and wanted ads. Things that go without saying: no godmodding or powerplay. Please make an effort to use proper capitalisation, punctuation and spelling when in character. If the AU forum gains too much traction and overshadows the actual plot of the site, the admins reserve the right of taking it down, no questions asked. Last of all, respect everyone else! Drama is fun to have ic, but we want none of it ooc! Rp is all about fun so we'd hate to hear that someone found their experience here unpleasant. We strive to be an open-minded, diverse and friendly site, therefore please make an effort to be nice and helpful to all other members, and don't ignore guests in the cbox. If you have any problems with another player and do not think you can sort it out peacefully between yourselves, do not hesitate to contact the staff team and explain the problem. We'll try our best to solve the situation.
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