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 Posted: Apr 17 2017, 01:43 PM
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click on it for bigger version! The map is quite self-explanatory, below is some important points and places to keep in mind concerning the island. More information about the land and the people can be found in our information thread about the clans.


Trade is important for the island, every region has a harbor city, and through these ports goods are traded back and forth across the sea. As such, there are many non-natives living on the land, and many more still with a mixed heritage. Trade is only ever becoming more important as new inventions and products hit the market, everything from weapons to fine silk to wine. How welcome immigrants are will vary from region to region and indeed from person to person, but for the most part they are recognized as an asset to the economy and the country as a whole. After all, with such tumultuous times about import from across the sea plays an important part in feeding and otherwise maintaining the population.


Located far up in the mountains of the northeastern peninsula of the Oda lands, the ninja village of Iga is famous throughout the country for its fearsome ninja warriors. Legend has it that it is a village that cannot be find unless you know where it is, that ancient spirits are guarding the path, ready to pounce on anyone not belonging. This may or may not be true, though more sensible minds will argue that the matter is not as much of magic as of unruly terrain, bad weather and too many people setting out unprepared. For there is a path leading to the village, narrow though it is, whether or not you will do well in following it is another thing altogether. The village guards its secrets and its people closely, they are a tight knit community and strangers are not welcome. The ninja are skilled warriors, and if you are ever in need of the services of a blade but cannot afford to do the deed personally, the ninja are known to never failed a paid contract, whatever it might entail. Their services do not come cheap, but they come with the promise of results, and there is reason to believe the ninja of Iga have been involved in many plots through the years, there is no other explanation to such obvious lack of evidence.

The Floating City

The floating city is located close to Kai, the capital of the Takeda lands, and is arguably the most famous city in the country, though some might be inclined to say infamous. Whatever your views, the city bustles with people of all kinds - quite literally - as the city is home to many spirits, most notably kitsune. Thousands of prostitutes and oiran make their living here, and if you have the money you can be sure there will many willing to cater to your specific tastes in any one of the city's many pleasure houses. After all, this is a city that prides itself upon giving customers of all sorts satisfaction and incentive to come again and again. Attention to quality service aside, the city is not without its fair share of trouble, often of the bloody sort, and though effort is made to keep the peace you will do well to watch where you go, less you find yourself in the middle of some final showdown between jealous patrons.
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